You know you should clean everything and get rid of clutter.  But aside from that, how do you broaden the appeal of your house?  makes a passage look small, get rid of it. Everybody wants more space.

·        Rid the house of personal effects, and don’t forget simple things like magnets on the refrigerator. Small distractions to the buyers’ eyes will disturb their thinking, preventing them from picturing the house as theirs. And while you want the rooms to look well-decorated and spacious, avoid turning the house into a perfect home. Try to balance the brand-new look with some of its lived-in warmth.

·        Potential buyers often feel uncomfortable in bedrooms and bathrooms because they are, by definition, personal and private places. To counter this reaction, make bedrooms and bathrooms look like a model home (toss the lived-in feel out the bathroom window). Clear off all surfaces of the bathroom—remove even simple things like toothpaste and soap. Put out nice, fresh towels instead. The goal is to make these rooms comfortable for buyers.  When they’re comfortable, they’ll linger and picture themselves in the house.


1.   Make sure your entranceway says “Hey, look at me!”

2.   Prune dead limbs from trees.

3.   Paint (or touch up) exterior, and repair screens and windows.

4.   Clean your windows.

5.   Check A/C and heating systems.

6.   Fix leaky faucets, toilets, and faulty lights.

7.   Vacuum drapes and carpets.

8.   Repair wall cracks, re-caulk bathrooms and kitchen.

9.   Clear out closets.

10. Remove excess furniture.

11. Keep cats and dogs out of visitors’ way.

12. Mow lawn, edge driveway and walkways

13. Ensure windows, doors, and locks work smoothly.

14. Weed flower beds and trim shrubs.

15. Throw out junk from garage and storage areas.

16. Clean lawn furniture.

17. If you have a pool, make it crystal clear.




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